Road cycling routes

Our favorite collection of road cycling routes in the Jönköping area in Småland, Sweden. Good starting points for your next bicycling trip could be Jönköping, Gränna or Huskvarna. Find all routes below and a map further down.

Find good bicycle routes in Sweden.
Great road cycling routes in Northern Småland, Sweden.
Skinnersdal 35 km327 hm
Habo Kyrka40 km536 hm
12H2017152 km2100 hm
Tabergstoppen33 km456 hm
Sävdaborundan55 km 553 hm
Bondstorp96 km850 hm
150ks156 km1609 hm
Cozy Gränna85 km963 hm
Northern hills86 km1369 hm
Apple valley54 km602 hm
Ironman 70.390 km766 hm
Brevet 60600 km 5049 hm
Brevet 40 400 km3410 hm
Brevet 30300 km 1647 hm
Lake round100 km 1099 hm
12H2016162 km2181 hm
12H2015140 km1939 hm

We hope you will find your best time trial, coffee ride or just a general great bicycle ride amongst our favorite road cycling routes in northern Småland, Sweden. Ride with the wind.