Go south

A 100 km bicycling route that invites you to roam the great roads through deep forests in Småland, Sweden. Suits pretty much any kind of road cycling, whether you want to go for a team time trial or a slow nice coffee ride.

After the initial climb (is hard not to have a hilly start in Jönköping) it gets somewhat flatter. You will soon get into quiet countrysides, through Sandseryd and Bondstorp before reaching the turning point in Vaggeryd.

Cyclist with searching for good coffee in Sweden.

Keep an eye out for and a suggested coffee stop (summer time) at Byarums Hembygsförening and beautiful farmstead Bratteborg.

Homebound for Jönköping you are still on small country roads to the small village of Taberg. I you feel like having a challenge, go up to the top of Taberg, there is a nice stop for food and coffee as well. And while at it try to beat local pro cyclists time up the hill.

Small roads, green trees, happy cyclists.

From Taberg you could use the same road back to Jönköping (another climb needed to get out of Taberg) or make your way through the valley passing Norrahammar which is the fastest way back.

* In Vaggeryd there is a pastry shop (not open Sundays) some smaller restaurants and grocery stores.
Byarums Hembygsförening usually have a Summer Café! Close to beautiful Bratteborgs farm.
* In Taberg great confectionery Rosetten or a stop at the top of the Mine –  Tabergstopp.