Gravel and adventure cycling

We´ve gathered our favorite routes for gravel and adventure cycling in Jönköping, Småland, Sweden. We think one of the best ways to enjoy biking is to get off the main roads and explore. List of cycling adventure and gravel routes found below and even a few more found on the map.

Get out cycling and off the road for some great experiences in Sweden.
Some great exploring of Swedens nature could be done from the seat of a gravel bike.
Gränna70 km889 hm
Hok 78 km819 hm
Mullsjö72 km735 hm
Mooseride53 km544 hm
Landsjön 32 km548 hm
Habo78 km857 hm
Huskvarna T&R Long80 km873 hm
Huskvarna short48 km612 hm

Of course, you will also find rental bicycles suited for gravel roads in Sweden through our cycling rental service. Below a map for some nice gravel bike routes in our area of Småland, Sweden.