Tasty gravel adventure to Mullsjö

Riding your bike on fast and hard packed gravel roads through a quiet forest is something really special when it comes to cycling. Especially when it leads to a nice coffee break halfway. This route starts in Jönköping and leads past the heights of Mariebo. Just before Lake Axamo (perfect for a swim or triathlon training), you turn right into a gravel road leading towards Älgafall (Fall of the Moose, which is another classic gravel road in the area found via Cycling Jönköping). From here you will pass beautiful open farmland, hopefully with tailwind and sun in your face.

Gravel road cyclists in Sweden
Nice gravel roads heading for a cyclists breakfast.

The route heads in the direction of Lake Stråken (great fishing by the way) and there is plenty of time to let your mind wander as you ride through the green, typical Swedish, forest. Several kilometers of flat gravel roads just lovely to ride.

cake cyclist
Cake at Landhs in Mullsjö.

After about 40 kilometers you arrive at the bakery Landhs in Mullsjö. No shortage of good “fika”, and a nice weekend breakfast (cake buffet!) and luxury sandwiches. From here, the route will lead you to the old Habo Church beginning with a longer, but easy, climb and once again lovely gravel roads.

nature adventure cycling in Småland Sweden
An alternative route for grass grinders. Special cycling in Småland Sweden

When you pass Habo Church, with a history worth a stop (from the 1300’s), you have two options, you can choose to take a trickier ride on some smaller trails, still works fine if your bicycle works on gravel. Here you will find some nice places to stop along Bankerydsleden (Hiking Route). Alternatively, select ordinary roads and bike lanes towards Jönköping.

A tasty and beautiful gravel adventure to Mullsjö.