13 Hills the 2018 edition

Shut up legs. Read more about the legendary 13hills challenge. The hills are there all year. And of course the route changes each year. Try the former routes as well; 2015, 2016 & 2017 as well.

1. Muur De Skinnersdal 1.6 km, Avg 7%, Max 19% – The mandatory first hill is no news for those who have been here before. The gravel hill is something to get your legs going.

Foto: La Lepre Stanca

2. Col De Bråneryd 0,8 km, Avg 9%, Max 26% – This short and steep hill has been featured before.

Foto: La Lepre Stanca

3. Alp De Norra Klevaliden 1 km, Avg 11,4%, Max 25,9% – The classic from Postgirot Open. Remember that the climb starts at Munkgatan.

Foto: La Lepre Stanca

4. Mont Brunkulla 0,5 km, Avg 7%, Max 14% – A new version of the famed two-lake-instamoment over lake Landsjön and Vättern. This climb starts at Tunnlandsvägen from the City Centre of Kaxholmen.

5. Muur De Drättinge 1,5 km, Avg 5%, Max 11% – This is a gravel climb that passes the site of the 1989 Motorcross World Championship 1989.

6. Muur De Botarp 0,8 km, Avg 10,4%, Max 30,8% – Last time we used this climb it was gravel. Unfortunately that has changed.

7. Alp De Skarpabacken 1,1 km, Avg 10,5%, Max 30,8% – The big hill from Gränna is back once again. Used in the first edition, it is something for sore legs to hug and ends with gravel.

Foto: La Lepre Stanca

8. Alp De Kleven 1 km, Avg 6,8%, Max 14% – This is a new climb that leads to the half way coffee with fantastic view over Lake Vättern and the Island of Visingsö.

9. Muur De Röttle 1,1 km, Avg 5,8%, Max 17,5 % – This short switchback (singular) hill has been used before and ends were people drive balls around with sticks.

10. Alp de Rudu 1,4 km, Avg 6%, Max 17% – This climb has been part of the route before, but this time it is used as one of the hills. This climb must be started from Vistakullevägen with a gravel road to Kärrliden before the real climb start.

11. Col Du Baksida 2 km, Avg 7%, Max 28 % – The secret back road to the top of Öxnehaga has been featured before. Still not used by many local riders this one takes you through the woods to the archery arena.

12. Col De S:et 2,5 km, Avg 5%, Max 26% – This is a new hill. And it must be started from Vättersnäs, from Huskvarnavägen, and leads you once again to the top of Öxnehaga on a cyclepath.

Foto: La Lepre Stanca

13. Muur Du Gunneryd 1,2 km, Avg 10%, Max 17% – And the last new hill starts with a downhill from Gunneryd to bottom of this gravel road to get your stamp before you ride uphill again.