Gravel roads and goat cheese

The roads in Habo some kilometers outside Jönköping is just great for some gravel grinding. This route leads you on small gravel roads close to nature. We added some short trails that work great with a gravel bike but this is a route that works with a mountainbike as well. And of course, the areas best coffee stop is included in the route…

Ta en vattenpaus på cykelturen i Jönköping.
A beautiful start to this bicycle route at Dunkehalla, Jönköping, Sweden.

The route passes high over Vättern through Tolarp, Järstorp, and Björneberg. Easy trails and gravel lead you close to Vättern all the way to Domsand, a great stop.

Then just after Habo there will be flat gravel roads to Kivarps Gårdsmejeri och café. Stop, have a break. Some homemade goat cheese and coffee to die for.

From here the route rides on, mote similar quiet gravel roads for some great cycling on the Swedish countryside. Of course you could rent a gravel bike from Cycling Jönköping if you don´t have one on your own. Hyr cykel, tex en Gravelbike, hos Cycling Jönköping

At 50 km there will be some asphalt before even more gravel towards Jönköping.