Road cycling to Skinnersdal

A short but beautiful road cycling route just outside Jönköping, Sweden. Heading out on this 35 km ride you will quickly leave the town behind passing through Ekhagen climbing up the hill of Jära (take a look back at the top). The first goal is to reach Skinnersdal, it will be another climb, not as steep but you will get warm. Reaching Skinnersdal you will ha ve a splendid view over Jönköping and Vättern.

Vägen över Skinnersdal bjuder dig på en unik vy över Jönköping och Vättern. Foto: Anna Jansson

You could also reach Skinnersdal on gravel through the forests of Strömsberg (like Flandern during the spring classics). The Skinnersdal gravel climb is the traditional start to the event 13 Hills.

From here we head for Rogberga between Barnarp and Riddersberg. Riddersberg at one time, the home of Calle Örnemarks (creator of Jätten Vist).

Time for some downhill towards Huskvarna.

Nice view heading for Huskvarna.

From Huskvarna the route uses the cycling path from Huskvarna to Jönköping. We´ll just called the most beautiful in Sweden.

This should be every cycling path?