Cycling route of Sävdabo

Sävdabo, a great route to start your next cycling tour in Sweden. Close to the city of Jönköping.

Cycling at its best in Sweden. Green forest and you.
Quiet roads for cycling at its best in Sweden.

To get out of Jönköping City on your road bike or mountainbike is easy. You will reach quiet roads and nice trail within minutes. Many local cyclist head for Sansedrydsvägen (Sanseryd road) that will open up opportunities for several different cycling routes. The road lead southwest to an area with small roads framed with green forests. After the initial climb out of the city there roads are flatter without longer climbs. The forests opens up from time to time uncovering farms and small villages.

From the centre you will head out through the valley of Bårarp just south of the city districts Torpa and Gräshagen. Reaching Hovslätt you will head upwards climbing Sandserydsbacken (Distance 2,4 km, Avg Grade 4,4%, Max Grade 19,1%) a local favourite. At the top you reach Sanseryd Road and turn left to head out. Another option to reach the same point would be using Åsenvägen passing Mariebo with bicycle paths taking you to Hedentorpsrondellen and the start of Sanseryd road.

Swedish countryside cycling, routes perfect.
Countryside is just a relief for stressed cyclist.

There is several options from here, 50k tour around Sävdabo or maybe a 100k heading for Bondstorp and Vaggeryd. Quiet, cosy roads to train hard or to calm down and collect your thoughts. Remember to put some energy in your pockets since there is not to many opportunities to get a coffee or food in these parts. However the longer cycle route suggested will Vaggeryd with some options to fuel up.