Glorious road cycling

A rollercoaster cycle route leading to historic Habo Church, one of the regions oldest wooden churches, called the Wooden Cathedral. The first part goes just by lake Vättern from the city center of Jönköping.

Habo Church –  bicycle glory!

If your legs feel great? Make a detour past “Muur du Ebbarp” also a great view over Vättern.


From here you climb through Fiskebäck to Habo Kyrka. For something to eat or drink, you are close to Habo city centre. and Landhs. 

Enjoyable cycling tours in Sweden.

We head for Jönköping from the church, roads lead through the landscape with small ups and downs.

Quiet roads for peletons in Sweden.

In Prinseryd you will find of the hardest climbs Col du Labbarp or Col du Prinseryd but if you follow the route suggestion it will be less effort passing Björneberg and Järstorp.