MTB – Bankeryd, hills and Baslandia

A mountainbike route covering a distance of 45km with an easier type of trails and some gravel roads. Nice views, Swedish landscapes as well as forests and lakes.

Heading out from the city park of Jönköping you will ride trails just above the city center and Stadsparken, home of football elite team J-Södra. From here the route passes the waters of Dalvik before we reach Baslandia, an urban exploring opportunity.

Baslandia, what was made in the mountain? 

Slowly we climb over Järstorp and for a short while follow a pilgrim route to reach the farm at Lalleryd. Hiking trail Bankerydsleden will take you onward from here.

Från toppen av Lalleryd. Orange markings means Bankerydsleden. 

A pretty hard climbt is followed by beautiful forests, single track and some more climbing. Some kilometers later the route head back towards Jönköping, passing Risbrodammen, before following Bankerydsleden for a bit.

Bicycling, red cabings, Sweden. Great way to enjoy your vacation. 

Älgafall  (fall of the moose) is another classic gravel route in the area that you only will touch upon during this route. Hard packed gravel roads know takes you the final stretch to Lake Axamo and Västersjön (why not take a swim). Finally, this MTB route ends up with some downhill trail in Vattenledningsparken.

On our way to the fall of the moose.