Mountainbike close to the city

20 kilometers of mountainbiking on both trail and gravel, really close to the city center of Jönköping passing beautiful places such as Hassafall and Varkullen. Starting at the old water reservoir of Jönköping, built in 1864, there is a lot of MTB trail close by to explore as well.

Cycling through Vattenledningsparken.

To make room for some nice downhill segments the route has a short climb in the beginning. From the top there is nice single track leading to a small tunnel under the highway (or just pass the road a bit further down at Bårarp). Heading up for a short while on the old railway embarkment we reach another nice trail downwards to Hassfall and a small bridge over the creek.

Hassafall, tranquil place.

if you want to challenge yourself follow the blue markings and try to reach the top of Varkullen. However, most likely you need to push bike the last part, but it is worth the while.

The view from Varkullen.
Gravel in Månstorp.

Some magic gravel roads takes you past Månstorp and turn into some more trail and tractor roads to Lake. Västersjön where there is some great single track on the rim before ending up at the starting point at Vattenledningsparken.

Fun MTB in Vattenledningsparken, Jönköping Sweden.

If you want to add some kilometers have a look at this route,  adding both historic stops, more waterfalls, and trails. Enjoy some great mountainbike in Sweden!