From quarrel to mine – MTB

Mountainbike with variety. Taberg and Torsvik offer a lot of trails and gravel roads for MTB-enthusiasts. From the large logistic center at Torsvik you head west aiming for the former mining village of Taberg, Månsarp or the old industrial valley of Norrahammar.

MTB Mountainbike Sweden Taberg
Close to the quarrel in Torsvik there´s plenty of fun MTB.

Closest to Torsvik, by the quarrel, several trails go back and forth in the area, also used for MC-trial. This gives a different type mountainbike trail to encounter compared to other sites around Jönköping. Intense but short uphills with stones and roots make the riders really use their technique in the best way. Stay and play for a while and challenge yourself and your fellow cyclists.

From this point, it might be nice to roll onto some of the flat gravel roads surrounding Lake Tahe towards Granarp or Taberg. There are also narrow trails that give a great feeling of speed riding them. One alternative leaving from Lake Tahe is passing the train tracks and head towards Norrahammar. There you could have a swim at Åsabadet and also find some marked MTB trail and some other great trail sections before getting on the road towards Jönköping.

Tabergstoppen in Sweden, with mountainbike or road bike.
A cup of coffee at the top of the old mine in Taberg. Mountainbikers also need a break.

Otherwise, we suggest making your way to Taberg, from Lake Tahe. You will find some good fika at Konditori Rosetten. If your legs is fresh you could climb to the top of the mine at Tabergstoppen instead and get your well-deserved coffee there. From here you could either make your way to Månsarp or head towards Norrahammar.