Mountainbike on the side

Start the day with a beautiful mountainbike ride alongside Lake Vättern. From Jönköping you ride the bicycle path for about 4k and then just slide off to the right continuing as close as you can on the trail with Vättern on your right side. The route is about 45 km long but with several options to shorten it. We think it is hard to keep your eyes on the trail the first 15k since the blue water is a bit of magic.

Bicycling by the most beautiful lake in Sweden?
Swedens most beautiful bike path?

You will reach Trånghalla on a mix of trail and gravel, you will have to lift the bike at some point over some enclosures. Through Trånghalla there will be some tarmac and then the real fun trail starts.

Tjuvanabben and the meaning of life.

Starting at Tjuvanabben there will be 4k´s nice trail until you reach the small boat harbour Domsand. Have a swim or keep going. On the way to Domsand you will pass Camp Vidablick where you could find some climbing adventure and high ropes courses!

From Domsand that you could pass on this wooden bridge, the longest climb starts upwards Ebbarp.

Domsand harbour.

Of course, there is a Strava-segment uphill and the reward is a stunning view.  From here trail and gravel lead you towards Risbro.

You will follow some parts of Bankerydsleden, show respect for hikers, and reach town after some gravel and tarmac. Keep high and follow the route towards Stadsparken, and the trails behind Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola. Vattenledningsparken, will be the fun end to this route, there is some trail to be explored!

Vattenledningsparken en stadsnära pärla.

A mountainbike route that could be shortened already after Ebbarp where you could head down to Bankeryd again for some coffee. Have a good trip!


Coffe in Bankeryd – Landhs

*  Camp Vidablick, book an adventure.

* Domsands beach and camping,