Ironman 70.3 Jönköping

Every year in July Ironman 70.3 in Jönköping takes place with over 2000 participants racing over 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90.1 kilometers of cycling and 20.1 kilometers of running. Now, we at Cycling Jönköping, are mainly interested in the cycling part, a route that delivers one of the most beautiful Ironman-courses in Sweden. The quote from the winner of 2017 men’s Elite competition, Josh Amberge, pretty much says it all;

“The course was unreal. One of the best courses I ever competed at. Water was so pure, the roads so beautiful. I realized I was riding my bike and just looking at all the small red cabins and the spectacular view. Just amazing”  

Ironman Jönköping
A tough climb at Ådalsvägen at the beginning of the course.

The 90.1 km long cycling route has been planned with smartness and style. Good thing is it works well for a distance ride any day of the week for locals and visitors.

Starting in the city center, riders pass Rosenlund heading for Huskvarna and just of the bat they face the toughest climb of the course. Ådalsvägen will take the participants all the way to Hakarp, they need to keep a steady pace in this climb, just steep enough for a time trial type of bike.

Ironman Jönköping
Down and flat at Ramsjöholm. Great cycling in Swedish landscapes.

Then the route turns toward Ramsjöholm on small, winding roads, making the pace a bit unsteady. A bit of downhill leads into a straight och flat part so make sure to bring some speed onto it.

Ironman Jönköping
Road towards Vireda. Ironman 70.3 Jönköping, Sweden.

After a U-turn between Svarttorp and Lekeryd, it´s time to gear up riding on some larger and flatter roads towards Vireda (however some smaller climbs are hidden here as well) making cyclists legs suffer a bit.

Ironman Jönköping
Småland, Sweden just as good as it gets. Cycling along red cabins.

Don´t forget to enjoy the surroundings, cycling in Swedish landscapes. From Vireda there will be a section passing Bunn, Ören, and Ömstad that we hold as one of the finest in Jönköping. Close to the lakes in magic Bauer forests.

Ironman Jönköping
Cyclists headgin for Bunn and Ören outside Gränna.
One of the best road cycling roads in Jönköping, Sweden.
Ironman Jönköping
Trolls? Bauer forests.

Soon after Ölmstad you will find yourself at classic Vätternrundan-road towards Kaxholmen. Two climbs ahead that will feel as long, however they are not… However, you will get some downhill after that getting closer to Skärstad.

Ironman Jönköping
The downhill towards Skärstad relief for tired cyclists.

At the bottom of Kaxholmen there will be a sharp turn and soon the route reaches Vista Kulle. The view! Now just a few kilometers from Huskvarna you might feel you are at the finish line but be aware, there some short upphills before it´s time to either rest or run.

Ironman Jönköping
Magic views over Vättern from Vistakulle.

The cycling route offered during Ironman 70.3 Jonkoping, Sweden is magic, every day of the week. And the race also took the IRONMANS Athlete´s Choice Awards 2017. That means it will be the most recommended one for friends. At we could at least recommend the cycling route! Get out and ride your bike!