MTB: Part of history

The surrounding nature of Jönköping, Huskvarna, and Gränna reveals several MTB tracks used for national, Nordic and last but not least European mountainbike championships. But not only that. Actually, you will also find parts of early Swedish mountainbike history here. Located beautifully, overlooking Lake Landsjön and Vättern, amongst the green deciduous forest, at the hills just by the village Kaxholmen, lies Vista MTB-track.

Flow, bumps and beems.

This is the birthplace of one of the oldest mountainbike races in Sweden, Vista Mountain. The race still is the finale of a yearly national MTB cup, ending the season with great tradition. Although it takes place in October, we suggest visiting the track at Vista in the springtime. When trees and especially the wood anemones bloom it is really amazing. So make sure to come back several times!

The Vista Mountain race was started in October 1990 and thereby became one of the first competitive MTB races in Sweden. Erkki Salmninen and Sven-Olof Johansson made it happen by bringing clubs IK Vista and legendary CK Revanche together. Today it is arranged by Jönköping Cycle Club meanwhile IK Vista runs the maintenance of the trail.

So what about the track? It is quite the experience! Both new MTB cyclists, as well as expert riders, will have their share of fun here. The track is frequently described as having a great “flow” with nice back and forth turns, single track and small jumps leading down from the highest point. To get there of course you will need to climb a few meters but nothing that isn’t worth it. The trail builders have kept it old school using the natural trails and without, with one exception, any built obstacles. A pretty short lap but with a flow “to-die-for” and definitely worth a visit. And while at it pay a visit to Smålands “Toscana”, great coffee, apples and more at Brunstorps Trådgårdscafé (on the way from Huskvarna), Rudenstams Bär&Frukt or a bit further down the road Gårdsrosteriet.

To get here by car or bike, just use the Skärstadsroad, alongside main road E4. You will pass the village of Kaxholmen and parking is perfect at Vistavallen (football field). Just cross the street, go straight up the trail and just turn right when you reach the larger path for running. Another short climb and you have reached the track.