Eight hills in the North

Pleasant route on delightful country roads that suits most cyclists perfectly. Leading through one of Jönköpings most popular cycling areas, Vista Kulle, Lake Landsjön and the Valley of Skärstad.

On the way home you start by climbing past historical old village of Röttle and it waterfalls and again find yourself on small and quiet roads.

Norra Klevaliden (1km, Avg 11%, Max 26%)
Gestra (1km, Avg 9% Max 16%)
Hillinge (1 km, Avg 7%, Max 14%)
Botarp (0,8 km, Avg 10% Max 14%),
Skarpabackan (1 km, Avg 11%, Max 31%)
Röttle by (1 km, Avg 6%, Max 18 %)
Kaxholmsbacken (1 km, Avg 5%, Max 9%)
Rudaholm (3km, Avg 4%, Max 22%)