MTB in Gränna

Playful cycling with full-suspension MTB in Gränna. Make sure you have plenty of time to find the hidden gems going to the city of candy canes known as Polkagrisar. Taking your road bike to Gränna is, of course, a great trip, however most cyclist head on to Uppgrenna or eastbound after a cozy coffee stop in between the wooden houses. If you, on the other hand, are on a mountainbike, and even better on a full suspension MTB you will find plenty of reasons to stay around. If you been cycling in Småland before, the contrast of the usual deep, green forests is quite nice, cause in Gränna you will get the feeling of a jungle, at least a Swedish version of it.

MTB in Gränna, Sweden. Enduro mountainbike or full-suspension!
Gränna, Sweden, feel the urge to get on your mountainbike?

Even though the local orienteering club Grennabygdens OK´s marked a mountainbike route at Grännaberget recently you will see other signs that tell you MTB-trail lovers been in the area for awhile. Well-made berms and jumps mixed with the carefully improved single track. Somebody made the extra effort to get the best out of each turn. Going to Gränna is not only about trying Grennabygdens XCO-track, instead go there with some extra time to spare, exploring the surroundings. Also cycling shorts might be better than cycling bibs. If you want to stay out of the forest you might enjoy Gränna Bike Park instead.

Hidden MTB gems in Gränna Sweden
Cycling jungle of Gränna. Some fun MTB trails!

You will find the MTB-track, with two different routes, just by the café, Kaffestugan, at Grännaberget. After a great shrimp sandwich and coffee, you will easily find your way around it. But to find the hidden gems and best trails you will need time and maybe even the knowledge of a local.

Find the best MTB trails in the area of Gränna, of Sweden´s popular places to visit.