IKHP Home of MTB-Championships

Huskvarna Mountain and the outdoor arena placed at the highest point has been the home of National, Nordic and European Mountainbike Championships over the years. The last championships held here, EuroMTB 2016, became a true success to remember. The demanding track used by stars as Julien Absalon and Jolanda Neff remains. Long enduring climbs, rocket gardens and tricky trails is just some parts you need to encounter here.

Lederna på IKHP är bra uppmärkta.

But of course there is more than the Euro-track. Several trails with different difficulty and length is found here so you will be able to test yourself and have fun whether you are a beginner or pro rider. Summertime the ski slope Strustabacken is used for downhill and enduro from time to time. Adding to this there is another marked trail at Stensholm just a few minutes cycling away and you have about 5k to the MTB-track Vista. The club, IKHP, running the arena at Huskvarna Mountain probably have one of Swedish most beautiful located club houses. Newly renovated and open for coffee and waffles most weekends the view only is worth a visit.


The red track