Rapha 12 Hills – The recap

This August La Lepre Stanca together with Rapha went on to with the 3rd edition of Rapha 12 Hills in Jönköping, Sweden. A cycling event that grows and evolves each year. It really has the ingredients and special touch to make it a classic Swedish cycling event over time!

Rapha 12 Hills is a one of a kind event. Although kept simple it does touch into the inner soul of each cyclist. Wether you have a new found love for cycling or you are an Olympic medal winner it still gets to you. Amongst this years 220 riders (110 teams) there where cyclists from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain and Czech Republic. All gathered to fight 12 chosen climbs in Jönköping. This is how is works.

Again Jönköping was at it best, weather conditions was mint and several events other events was held simultaneously, for example Jönköping Marathon and the Swedish rowing national championships (at the lake just by the start of 12hills). This city really has the ability to host several events at the same time.

Participants has shared their thoughts in their bloggs, great read but also pics of course.
–> Rapha 12hills – Vättern deluxe

–> Två SUMO besegrar Rapha 12 Hills

–> Daniel Johansson aka Randobloggaren

More pictures at #rapha12hills on Instagram and at La Lepre Stancas Facebook page.

Since you probably want to try the route of Rapha 12 Hills find the GPX here. And of course that is not enough. You should go for the 12 Hills of 2015 and 2016 as well. Then you could spend a few nice days here in Jönköping!

Rider checking in. Photo: Henrik Severed
Saturday morning. Photo: Calle Andersson
Muur de Skinnersdal Photo: Calle Andersson
Muur de Georgslid. Photo: Anna Jansson
Gustav Larsson (ex PRO and Olympic medalist in -08) at Col de Labbarp. Photo: Calle Andersson
“Roll out” from “fika”. Photo: Calle Andersson
Port de Fingals. Photo: Henrik Severed
Muur de Lyckås. Photo: Henrik Severed
Afterbike. Photo: Anna Jansson