The challenge of Winter cycling in Sweden

Possibly the best cycling in Sweden could be done in the winter time. Combining magic landscapes and suffering in a mix of emotions. From Jönköping you could enjoy bicycles rides every weekend during the winter but one ride sticks out!

On epic morning on our bikes at “Fall of the moose”, Jönköping, Sweden.

The clattering sound from your studded tires suddenly stops when your bike pass onto the snowy part of the road. The tires silently dig down in the snow. The Swedish forest surrounds the road. The instantaneous stillness strikes you. The morning sun warms your face and your new winter jacket is just right in the below zero temperature. Around the corner, coffee awaits at the best café you´ll ever visit.

The head wind will not give you anything for free. The ice is growing bigger on your chins for every breath. The slushy snow, melted by the salt, find its way into your winter cycling shoes. You are getting aware that the bicycle will need a complete repair after this. Gears is frozen as well. The pain in your hands is either because of the cold or from holding the handle bar too tightly when trying to stay on two wheels. On the inside you smile, there should be a gas station a few miles ahead, then you could, at least, mount the headlight.

Best cycling feeling, peloton in the middle of Sweden.

Regardless your own perspective on winter cycling there is some challenges ahead.

Abloc Winter Challenge

2017 will be the third edition of Abloc Winter Challenge  a 300k+ ride going around Lake Vättern in the middle of winter (28th of December). Sounds great?! The Challenge starts and finish in the centre of Jönköping. 100 spots available in the event and riders will be divided in three groups with different pace. Service cars, mechanic, food is provided by the organizer. 2015 it was hell on snow, 2016 it was a walk in the park (just looking at the weather…) the question is what weather Sweden brings this year. And if you are ready for a challenge?

And if you feel you need some more time in the saddle Abloc will host a race on the 29th of December as well. The Winter Race, on a circuit riders will compete in different heats (on winter bikes) to get the glory and price money! To take part in the race category you will have to complete Abloc Winter Challenge on the 29th. But there will also be an open class for other participators.


If you are not in the mood making 300k in one day you could spread your cycling milage over the holidays. In 2010 Rapah down a challenge to its customers; ride 500km on the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Since then the Rapha Festive 500 has become a holiday tradition, with thousands of riders around the world taking part. There will probably be daily rides starting in Jönköping to gather the milage needed.

Winter Challenge 2015 had its share of snow winter cycling at its best.
Roads around Jönköping, some of the best in Sweden for cycling. Bring your bike for a winter adventure.

Welcome to cycle in Jönköping. Soon you will find routes suitable for winter training on our site. Bicycling at its best in Sweden, the season has just begun.