Pick and choose – mountainbike for all!

The surroundings of Jönköping and Huskvarna gives great opportunities for mountainbiking as well as road cycling. Several XCO-tracks/courses are being kept and you will find some great trails as well. Will give you a short introduction!

At Hallbystugan just by Jönköping Airport you could enjoy the track used during Swedish National XCO Championships 2014 among other well-marked 3-5 km laps. Some trails more technical and physically demanding and other easier for the youngest. There is also a new “pumptrack” to sharpen your bumb-technique. Some built obstacles but mainly classic Nordic terrain with roots and short ascents but enough to make your legs burn.

Olsbo – a track that is as flat as it get. But great place to focus on quick turns, start-stop and just keeping your pedals going. The track works for beginners as well as for speed hunters, close to Hallbystugan.

Torsvik Quarry – Probably the most technical demanding track, short power ascents, stones and roots, no room for hesitation. Short descent from the top of the quarry. Singel track all the way.

Gränna – for enduro-ethusiasts!

Huskvarna Mountain – of course this is the where you will find the 2016 European Championship track. Used for competitions for a long time, nationals in 2007. Nice view, a lot of climbing. If you want to explore Huskvarna you might find a marked trail at Stensholm and also down town Huskvarna at Bråneryd you will find a small pump track. H

Vista – This track is used during Vista Mountain said to be the oldest mountainbike races in Sweden. A pretty short lap but with a flow “to-die-for” and definitely worth a visit. And while at it pay a visit to Smålands “Toscana”, great coffee, apples and more.

Tenhult SOK – This small village that is the Captial of Caravans. Mixed trails on a almost 10 km lap, fairly easy riding.

If you want to go a bit further you might visit Mullsjö were you will find a shorter MTB-track here just by Friluftshotellet. Easier riding. We could also recommend a visit to Isaberg that hosted 2015 years national championships. Over 10 different trails for MTB including a very nice XCO-track.

But as you know one of the great aspects of mountainbiking is finding new trails on your own. Just get out there! Be adviced some areas and hiker trails are not to be used for biking, such as the area Strömsbergsskogen and Johan Bauer hike trail that starts at Huskvarna Mountain. Remember to show consideration to others enjoying the “wild” and we will live in peace.