Jönköping awarded “best Sport City in Sweden 2017”!

Jönköping has been awarded as “the best Sport City in Sweden 2017” (Sveriges bästa idrottsstad)! Sport teams and individual athletes has been successful during the past year winning both national as well as international medals. And when comparing this to other cities in Sweden, Jönköping came out on top in the total count.

Several larger events has also been taking place in Jönköping, at physical stadiums and in its surrounding lakes and forests. The work put into those events also contributed to the top spot! In regards of cycling the event European Mountainbike Championships in Huskvarna/Jönköping where local cyclist Martin Setterberg took a bronze medal (XCE), is mentioned as some of the many contributions that was combined into winning this great award! But this only alongside many great accomplishments as HV71 winning the men´s Hockey League and Diana Halldén becoming World Championship in Jujutsu.

The depth of the sports in Jönköping, ranging from elite sports to embracing young and new athletes and the fact that Jönköping Municipally has been part in arranging several larger sporting events made this happen!