Nobel Prize views

Swedish Selma Lagerlöf, first women to ever win the Nobel Prize wrote the book “The Wondeful adventure of Nils“. It is a magic journey about Nils that flew over Sweden on a geese. The book was actually a geography reader for the public schools and explain for the readers about the cities and areas that Nils see below. About Jönköping, Huskvarna, Gränna and Visingsö she writes;

“Here it looked as if it had been worked out with the utmost care and affection. In this direction one saw only beautiful mountains, soft valleys, and winding rivers, all the way to the big Lake Vettern, which lay ice-free and transparently clear, and shone as if it wasn’t filled with water but with blue light.

It was Vettern that made it so pretty to look toward the north, because it looked as though a blue stream had risen up from the lake, and spread itself over land also. Groves and hills and roofs, and the spires of Joenkoeping City–which shimmered along Vettern’s shores–lay enveloped in pale blue which caressed the eye. If there were countries in heaven, they, too, must be blue like this, thought the boy, and imagined that he had gotten a faint idea of how it must look in Paradise”. 

We could just agree that Selmas description about beautiful mountains, green valleys, small rivers that lead into Lake Vättern is true. Inspired by Nils and what he saw here´s five viewpoints to visit with you bike to get a glimpse of the scenic environment.

#1 Gestra, Ölmstad

#2 IKHP, Huskvarna Mountain

#3 Skinnersdal, Skinnersdal

#4 Varkullen, Hovslätt

#5 Ebbarp, Bankeryd

Jönköping and Huskvarna provides cyclist with hills and views praised by a Swedish Nobel Prize Winner! Try them all!