MTB Olsbo-banan

If you head somewhat west of Jönköping there is trails, gravel roads as well as several mountainbike tracks to explore. Olsbo MTB-track was brushed to perfection by local trail enthusiasts in 2014 when they that felt the need for another place to practice and enjoy mountainbike. A track that would suit all different kind of riders and purposes.

Olsbo is as flat as it gets. Since for example the track at Huskvarna Mountain (IKHP) and the Hallby has plenty of climbs this is something completely different. It turns into a great place to focus on quick turns, start-stop technique and just keeping your pedals going. The track works for beginners as well as for speed hunters, old and young. Going there with the family is a treat when everybody could enjoy the track in their own way. Olsbo contains only single trail and has no built obstacles. The longest trail is about 5 km and contains just a few short uphill passes.

Cycling route for moutainbike in Sweden between Jönköping and Ulricehamn on the old railroad embarkment. Trail and gravel.
Cycling route in Sweden, great for MTB, between Jönköping and Bottnaryd.

If you park your car at the Axamo Camping (have a swim when you return) you could follow the gravel cycle path alongside Road 40, turn right onto the tarmac road towards Olsbo and you will have a sign directing you to the track after about 1 kilometer. You could also take the car and follow Road 40 as described above.

 Rallarleden, great route in Sweden for MTB outside Jönköping.
Signs showing Rallarleden, great route in Sweden for MTB.

From Hallbystugan, where there is plenty of MTB-trail to enjoy, we suggest that you follow the signs of Rallarleden that leads you on trail and gravel to the sign that directs you to Olsbo. So are you looking for some great mountainbike in Sweden, start in Jönköping and make your way to Olsbo.