Landsjön about on gravel roads

Classic road cycling route that we turned into gravel. Includes some nice climbs for gravel bike grinders and if you are on a mountainbike you will be close to two different MTB-courses as well.

Gravel bike or MTB for rent at Cycling Jönköping.

The route starts at Rudenstams Café (start or end with some “fika”. Passing Vista Kulle (great view) we´ll use the asphalt road on the side of Landsjön. Another potential stop along the way is Gårdsrosteriet. Some kilometers later the first longer climbs brings cyclists upward.

Forest surrounds you. 

With the view in the back, you reach another interesting place; Mykinge Försöksgård (B&B and history).

Second hard but great climb – Jordstorp. Tough gravel bicycling in Sweden. 

Passing Jordstorp legs will hurt but from here it will be an easy gravel spin towards Kaxholmen.

View of Gestra. 

MTB-track Vista, is worth a detour in Kaxholmen, but otherwise head on to Gestra, the most Instagrammed view in the are. The route then takes you close to IKHP´s MTB-tracks, but if you stick to the GPS you get a nice easy ride down to the starting point again. Riding amongst some great Swedish landscapes, you will just enjoy cycling at it´s best.